HBRL currently receives funding from the following sources:

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (KR Bijanki, PI)

Hoover Fund

NIH F32-NS087664 - "Human temporal pole physiology" (TJ Abel, PI)

NIH NIDCD R01 DC004290-11 - "Human Auditory Cortex Physiology" (MA Howard III, PI)

NIH NINDS F31NS086254 - "Investigating neural plasticity and recovery using a pre- and post-lesion approach" (MJ Sutterer, PI)

NIH NINDS Center for SUDEP Research NS090414- "Respiratory and Arousal Mechanisms" (GB Richerson, PI)

NIH Clinical and Translational Science Award UL1RR024979

Wellcome Trust WT091681MA - "Bases for auditory perception" (TD Griffiths, PI)